Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

: 2007  |  Volume : 18  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 625--626

Successful and Unsuccessful Humans

Sadek Pharaon 
 Diab Building, Parliament St., Damascus, Syria

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Sadek Pharaon
Diab Building, Parliament St., Damascus

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To the Editor:

Could we hypothesize that doctors are humans who have a better and deeper analytical look at other humans, laymen, as we may call them? This should not be considered as a sign of arrogance on part of the practitioners of the medical profession. It actually means that doctors keep prac­ticing their medical and especially their clinical work all the time including during their daily contact with people even outside their clinics, rooms or hospitals. I even presume that a good doctor is the human being who can better observe all other humans, all the time, analyze their persona­lities at large, their psyches and their achieve­ments in life. Such a character is probably a hereditary stigma of the old-time Hakim (vide SJKDT Vol. 16 No.2, p.55Ar). As the doctor is a human being living in present­day heterogeneous societies, he may easily divide other humans into two categories, namely successful and unsuccessful people! This calls for some introspection. How could a simple doctor dichotomize the human popu­lation into such two opposing sections? Also, what are the parameters that could help in placing a certain human being into either one of these two contradicting factions of the human society? Let me go straight away into the point, lest I am accused of uttering old man's fancies. According to present-day norms, a successful person is one who has a few billion Dollars in a Swiss bank, who owns a yacht, a personal, extra decorated and equipped Jet, a superlative villa in South Spain, in the Swiss Alps and or in any other site and land! Is that too much in order to be categorized as successful? Or is it indeed too little as some of such successful humans might think? I can easily feel that some colleagues might object at such an unfair dissection of human society. They vehe­mently assure us that some humans are successful even when they do not have such luxuries. They include doctors, scien­tists, writers, poets etc. and not to forget some leaders of social reform and social change for the better. However, facts refute such an idealist view these days, and ruthlessly remind all humans on Earth of the pedantic dictum: "You have a Dollar, you are worth a Dollar", blatantly meaning that money is everything in human existence, and anything else is a mere illusion or mirage.

The unsuccessful humans include poor people. They might be shabby, hard working scientists or assiduous doctors who forgot, in their zest for achieving a breakthrough in science and in medicine, that nowadays "It is only with Bread that Man lives" and today's Bread is only Dollar, not in singular but with at least many zeros to its right side. These verdicts are not personal ones. They are the factual dicta of present-day globa­lization ideology. It does not matter whether we agree or disagree with them. This is a bitter fact but, alas, a well established one. Let us give a good look into our medical societies too. We see that some are successful doctors who managed to obtain all or most of the "sine qua non" of being categorized as successful. Some others may be classified unsuccessful, even when they have proved to be good doctors with their medical achieve­ments. Bitterly, the newly adopted parameters have not left any space for moral, spiritual and humane facet of Man's existence on this Earth. Such statements are certainly gloomy, refused and pitied by some, whereas they will only induce a small sarcastic smile among some of those successful creatures.

Does all this mean that humans, who still care and believe in the noble, the moral and the marvelous side of Human existence on Earth, should give up hope? The answer is "never". Good, fruitful and noble Life on this planet could only be realized through practice of the immortal principles that all illustrious prophets, philosophers and social reformers throughout human history have established worldwide. Let us all hope, and adamantly believe, that humanity will recover from this pandemic ailment and achieve another zenith where noble para­meters prevail and man will not be valued only by his appearances and deposits in banks.